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Custom itinerary planning

If you're coming to Rome, InfoRoma offers you an entirely new way of visiting the city. With a seemingly endless profusion of churches, museums and monuments to be explored, a tailor-made InfoRoma itinerary can help you maximize your limited time. It's almost like having your own personal guide - but at a fraction of the price!

How it works

It's quite simple:

  • You fill out our detailed questionnaire, telling us about yourself and your interests.
  • We study your requirements carefully, create an itinerary around the sights you are likely to find most enjoyable and send you an e-mail with an outline.
  • You approve the outline, with any adjustments you feel necessary.
  • We print out your detailed program and mail it to you.

Your program

You'll receive a unique, specially-printed booklet, in the handy A5 format, easy to slip in your pocket or purse. (To give you an idea of the amount of information we provide, a three-day program generally consists of forty pages or more.) We will mail your program plenty of time before your trip if at all possible, so that you can get a foretaste of the Eternal City straight away (and ask us any questions that may come to mind).

The booklet comprises:

  • Day-by-day sightseeing itinerary, taking into account the location of your hotel and your preferred mode of transport.
  • Information about the places you'll be visiting: historical context, artworks, interesting facts and curious legends relating to each sight.
  • Full directions for getting around the city: instructions for reaching your hotel from the airport or railway station, details of public transport from the hotel to sights and restaurants included in your itinerary.
  • Large-scale street plan of the neighborhood where you'll be staying, showing bus stops, ATMs, pharmacies and other useful services.
  • Suggestions for places to eat, including kosher or vegetarian restaurants if required.
  • Ideas for evening entertainment in line with your tastes as expressed in the questionnaire: concerts, clubs, events.
  • General tips to ensure a memorable stay in Rome.
Together with your program, we also send you an up-to-date map of the city showing bus routes and metro stations. Depending on your itinerary, other printed material may be added as appropriate.


We are happy to provide InfoRoma customers with information about the various neighborhoods of Rome and the different kinds of accommodation available (hotels, convents, apartments, bed-and-breakfast etc.), and to assist them in booking. We are not agents and do not receive commission, so our advice is completely objective.


During your stay in Rome, you can reach your InfoRoma advisor at any time through our exclusive 24-hour helpline.

Excursions outside the city

If you wish your program to include trips to towns in Rome's hinterland, we will provide all the information you need to visit Tivoli, Frascati, Ostia Antica and other historic locations independently, using scheduled bus or train services. Alternatively, we can direct you to reputable companies operating guided bus tours from the capital.

Prices and payment

For a quotation, please contact us with your request.

"The perfect choice for us was InfoRoma.

(...)The booklet contained a map of the neighborhood around our hotel, indicating the nearest tobacconists (to buy bus tickets), bus stops, pharmacy, ATM machines, a nice café and where to buy grocery items.

The daily itinerary described which bus to take, where to get off, how much time we'd need to allow at each site and where to buy a nice lunch or take a picnic. It also suggested a different restaurant each evening."

(Connie Doty, Orinda, CA, trip report in Best of Italy by International Travel News)