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Planning your trip

When to come | What to see | How to travel

When to come

Apart from personal factors, two important considerations are national holidays, when sights may be closed to the public, and weather. Check our pages to see what you can expect for the month when you plan to visit Italy.

What to see

Practically every town in Italy has numerous churches, squares, museums and art galleries. Villages have their own charm, with characteristic streets, artisan's workshops and family-run trattorie. At all times of year you will find traditional ceremonies and events taking place throughout the length of the peninsula.

Don't try to see everything. You won't succeed, even if you spend a year in Italy. Limit your scope to one or two regions and explore them in depth: you won't regret it, and you can always come back to visit a different part of the country.

How to travel

You will most likely arrive in Italy by air. How you travel within the country will depend first of all on whether you intend to take a package tour or travel independently. Check out the relevant sections or view the pros and cons to help you make up your mind.

Venice, St. Mark's bell-tower


Rome, Dome of St Peter's